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The Cosmo at Hotel Post Bruneck
Enjoy gusto that is fun when being shared.

Closed for holiday from 04.11.19 to 18.11.19
// THE COSMO at Hotel Post Bruneck is the perfect place for appreciative cosmopolitans who wish to degust the full range of all the world’s cultures with all their senses.

Sharing moments of delightful connections.

// THE COSMO is the perfect place to share delightful moments with those you feel related to. Or to get to know inspiring people, to participate in or even write new and exciting narratives.
Because just like the post service has always been connecting people from all over the world, the Cosmo is a place where various different cultures and tastes come together in harmony. Every moment becomes a special momentum that unites people and their senses in a special way and defines new qualities! South Tyrolean quality food thus forms a delicious unity with urban food design to melt into a delightful cosmopolitan symbiosis. 
The Cosmo invites you to casually relax and simply feel fine. Get lost in the delightful world of the Cosmo and share magic moments with us!
The Restaurant
// Shaping millions of tastes to become creative and satisfying impressions - this is what our skilled and passionate team does. Genuine quality food and taking a view beyond our cultural horizon is our philosophy which makes eating something absolutely extraordinary. For instance, the Cosmo relies on the concept of “sharing styles”. This means, the dishes ordered are served simultaneously or in sequence and placed in the middle of the table. Every guest can fill their empty plate with the dishes placed in the middle of the table, just as they want, and try everything to treat their senses with. You can thus share taste at the Cosmo!
The Bar
// JUST LIVING THE MOMENT, being right there where it's all happening. The Cosmo lives on the central congeniality of Bruneck’s historic city centre and enjoys the first row of its strolling promenade Brunecker Graben. With our bartenders’ creative minds, we turn various botanicals and high-quality wines or gins to cocktails of the world. And the bouquet of a simple latte macchiato in New-York-barista-style can simply be fun.

The Cosmo provides savour at every time of the day! At our bar, you will be beguiled by the Cosmo’s special atmosphere, can enjoy little snacks, meet others and have a chat, or simply relax. Our selected choice of beverages is characterised by high-quality special features at fair prices! 
Gerhard Stecher
Restaurant director / General Manager Hotel POST
// GERHARD STECHER is a passionate host with lots of experience and a commitment for moments of high quality. He hopes for you to make the Cosmo a place where you feel fine and make new friends at, get inspired and enjoy top gastronomical performance, presented with ease, style, and understatement. A characteristic feature of the Cosmo is its unique atmosphere and the warm charm of its service staff. Because: the quickest way to someone else is to smile at them.
Joachim Oberlechner
Chef de cuisine
// JOACHIM OBERLECHNER and his creative, well-established kitchen staff tells their tales and stories in form of culinary delights in contemporary food design. Through its creations, the team presents thousands of impressions and ideas that resemble an ingenious trip through the metropolises of our times. A broad and colourful world of taste, in which you will discover new things and get to experience traditional meals in a different form. Joachim Oberlechner and his team want you to enjoy and retell their narratives together.
How to find us
// THE COSMO is centrally located in the heart of Bruneck, right at the entrance to the historic city centre. You can park your car at the parking facility Stadtzentrum, which is in close proximity to the COSMO.
// Contact
Via Bastioni 9, 39031 Brunico
South Tyrol, Italy
+39 0474 834 000
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From Tuesday till Saturday we are here for you till midnight.
On Sundays we are open for you till 5 p.m.
Mondays are our days off.
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